Nature-Health Fair

The 52nd Nature-Health Fair and The 15th Children’s Bazaar


The 52nd Nature-Health Fair for a healthy lifestyle, is going to take place, this year, already from September 9 to 11. This year’s content will emphasize the importance of health, healthy diet, exercising and well-being, as well as the environment and the contact with nature. The 15th Children’s Bazaar, the largest educational and entertaining event for young families is going to take place in parallel; it offers young and future families as well as school and kindergarten groups a superb abundance of experiences, creative workshops, sports activities, etc.

The accompanying program of the Nature-Health Fair is interesting and attractive for all generations. In three days, over 100 lectures, workshops, courses, various testing, consultations, round tables, etc. are going to take place.

In the cooperation with the Red Cross of Slovenia and the Association of Medical Students of Slovenia, visitors will have the opportunity to take free measurements and enrol in the blood donor register. Blood sugar levels will be measured at the DIABETES Institute stand and advice will be given on nutritional products for diabetics. As well, useful information will be shared at the Celiac Society’s exhibition area, where visitors will be able to try gluten-free pancakes.

Healthy, locally produced and fresh food will also be in the main topic this year. Providers of homemade cheeses, yoghurts, honey, mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables will present themselves at the fair. At the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food exhibition area, they will be presenting the Lepo Je Biti Kmet (It is Nice to be a Farmer) Project, that has been started to increase the reputation of the farming profession among young people and in the society in general.

At the 7th Marathon of Positive Psychology – Where Everyone is the Winner of Their Life, eight top lecturers will help answer the question: “What is a good life?”. The contents of the lectures will emphasize the positive and bright sides of a person’s personality. The lectures will be free of charge for all the visitors of the Nature-Health Fair and the Children’s Bazaar.

What do a real rose, a neroli, a vanilla, a jasmine, a patchouli, a bergamot, pepper, a violet, cardamom, coffee, cocoa, etc. really smell like? The visitors will be able to experience extravagant fragrances; train their sense of smell and recognize scents, and learn about the principles of perfumery composition at the Fragrant Signatures, the international exhibition of natural perfumes.

On Saturday, September the 10th, the final 3-on-3 street basketball tournament will take place, organized by the Ljubljana Sports Association. The Radio 1 moderators with their bus will provide a fan atmosphere during the competition, and a musical performance will follow the competition.

Sports clubs and associations with a wide variety of activities will be presented at the fair. Visitors will also be able to test their joints and muscles, as short diagnostic examinations for joint and spine pain will be performed at the exhibition areas.

In parallel, the 15th Children’s Bazaar

The Bazarko’s stage, under the direction of Mrs. Tinkara Fortuna, the nice presenter, better known as a former member of the BePop group, will make us laugh with the antics of the circus performer, the juggler, the magician Sam Sebastian and the magician Toni; we will have fun with various singing and dancing acts, and we will be transported to the magical world of fairy tales with performed stories the Muri Cat, Are you Eating, Hedhog?, Soup Made from Pumpkins, and the Greenie’s Festival. To top it off, the children will also be entertained by Pepe the Fisherman.

In the Theme Corner, children will get to know snakes, lizards, and beavers, they will be able to transfer to a fairy-tale world by face painting; and in the role of a doctor, they will examine and heal their teddy bear.

Together with the main host, the HOFER company, the Children’s Bazaar is inviting you to Bazarko’s kitchen, where it will smell mouth-watering for two days. With the help of chef Roman Klobasa, the AMC Company will hold workshops where children will be able to make real chef’s hats together with him and enjoy baking pancakes, making ice cream, and learning interesting cooking tricks and recipes so that they can create delicious dishes from Bazarko’s kitchen at home as well. We will eat what we cook.

In addition to rich presentations of products, supplies for kindergartens, schools, sports and music, the fair halls will also offer a lot of information for future parents and pregnant women, newborns, face painting workshops, overcoming fear of doctors in the Honey Bear clinic, presentation of rhythmic gymnastics and much more. Presentations of a wide variety of sports disciplines and plenty of delicious cuisine for children and parents will be held on the outdoor platform, and a large outdoor bungee trampoline will also be available.

Animals and pets will also be part of the perfect family event. The Bioexo will traditionally present exotic animals, and children will also be able to get to know snakes, the hedgehog and other animal friends at the Kolenc Family Theatre area.


The fair will be open from Friday, September the 9th to Saturday, September the 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and on Sunday, September the 11th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Regular tickets are 5 Euros, online sales are 4 Euros. Visitors are invited to avoid possible crowds by purchasing tickets online. With an online ticket, they also have free transportation by LPP city buses to the exhibition centre and back.

They can see both events with one ticket.

Photos can be found on the event website. We will gladly provide any additional explanations and information. You are invited to get accredited as a media representative due to the electronic entry system.

Thank you very much for your media attention, announcing events, visiting our events, and reporting on them.

We are available to provide more detailed information.

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