Nature-Health Fair

Healthy Lifestyle Fair


The Nature-Health Fair builds on long-term trends of increasing eco-awareness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The whole project, comprising both an exhibition and an expert section, aims to showcase the diversity and integrity of nature, which affects the everyday life of our whole society.

The event consists of thematically rounded strands, which provide the visitor with several ways of healthy living and coexistence with nature, and allow exhibitors to present themselves to visitors in a targeted way.


Thematic strands of this year’s fair


  • Organic and nature-friendly food
  • Local food production
  • Winter food supplies
  • Growing and using herbs
  • Food with the selected quality designation
  • Modern trends in nutrition: the latest foods on the market
  • Let’s cook for healthy enjoyment
  • Dietetic products
  • Nutrition adapted to special needs
  • Certification and control bodies
  • Natural food supplements
  • Own garden – a source of health and well-being
  • Innovation projects in nutrition
  • Cooking skills
  • Tastings, events, and exhibitions
  • Promotion of professions in agriculture
  • Business events – local supply chains
  • Prevention activities, programmes, measurements, counselling
  • Natural and other medicines
  • Orthopaedic products and devices
  • Health insurance
  • Medical services of official medicine
  • Medical services of recognised alternative forms of medical treatment
  • Prevention and rehabilitation programmes
  • Positive psychology marathon
  • Fighting dementia and strengthening mental abilities
  • Programmes of associations aiming at health and well-being
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants and their effects
  • Presentation and offer of therapies
  • Promotion of blood donation and first aid
  • Wellness activities and equipment
  • Spa activities
  • Natural cosmetic products
  • Cosmetic services and counselling
  • Recreational exercise and other forms of relaxation
  • Spiritual movement (yoga, meditation, etc.)
  • Artistic movement (dance)
  • Offer of recreational equipment and services
  • Presentation of sports organisations (Para Olympians, sports clubs)
  • Fitness
  • Trending workouts
  • Eco-friendly, electric mobility
  • Building and living biology
  • Importance of forests and forest conservation (forest etiquette, forest learning trails)
  • Nature conservation, biodiversity
  • Nature parks are introduced
  • Urban gardening and beekeeping
  • Solutions for nature and biodiversity conservation, climate change
  • Local community and the environment
  • Presentation of nature parks and other nature conservation organizations
  • Environmental management and protection (garden equipment, recycling of waste and raw materials, re-use)
  • Human-animal contact (food, equipment, and services for small animals), animal therapies
  • Plant exchange
  • Exhibition of wild fungi