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Exhibitors about the fair

Foto: Rok Dolenc
Foto: Rok Dolenc

Darja Groznik, President, The Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (ZPMS)

The Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (SAFY) organized an important round table at the 2019 Nature-Health Fair, the key message of which was: If we want a healthy society, we have to take care of children's mental health! The President of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, Mr. Nace Breitenberger, the TOM telephone Consultant, Ms. Mateja Štirn, MSc, a psychologist at the ISA Institute, Leonida Zalokar, Ph.D., Director of the Planina Educational Institution had the opportunity to alert the public that the child mental health care should be a priority; that adults play a key role; and that policy in this area needs to be more determined and committed.

The guests of the round table also pointed out that there is more distress and mental disorders in children and adolescents than recorded in official statistics; and also, the age of children with a recognized diagnosis of mental disorder is lowering. The public round table conveyed important thoughts to the public: it is necessary to improve communication among adults (parents, teachers,  ..) and children; the educational programs are needed for teachers and other professionals dealing with children; for children we need prevention programs that reduce the risk of developing mental health problems; a comprehensive and priority care for the children's mental health is needed by all policy makers in this area.

Mateja Ulaga, certified Master Chef in the field of wholesome vegan cuisine

The fair is an irreplaceable live contact with visitors, other exhibitors and professional milieu. We can capture new knowledge and insights in the field of healthy lifestyle, especially in the accompanying program, which includes over 130 different lectures, round tables, workshops, demonstrations, tastings, etc. I am also preparing cooking workshops with my partners on the preparation of wholesome vegan food. Sharing my knowledge means the most to me, this is the greatest value of the fair, so I am enthusiastically returning to it.

Maja Megla, Author of the bestselling book Stress, The Plague of Modern Times

"Ooh, it's you," the smiling elderly ladies reached out to me at the Nature-Health Fair. “We really wanted to meet you.” They were bombarding me with questions, comments, opinions curiously browsing through my book. There is a lot of chatting at the fair. That is why the visitors come, for the latest information and new knowledge, for fresh approaches and creative solutions. At one place, they get a plenty of inspiration and ideas, as well as unexpected encounters with methods they didn’t even know they were excited about and interested in. The fair offers an abundance of diverse offers on the topic of health, nature and quality of living; but even more than that! It is the only place where manufacturers and customers can meet and exchange experiences and views; discuss products, ideas and offers. There is no such direct contact in stores and online. At the fair, however, the manufactures, creators and representatives are there, for you. Prepare questions. Seize this precious opportunity.

Malči Božnar, The Božnar Honey House

We have been participating in the Nature-Health Fair for over 30 years. Thus, over the years, we have witnessed all the ups and downs of this fair. Lately, however, this is also the only fair that we regularly attend. Our focus on nature and natural and organic products dictates that we present ourselves to the visitors of this fair. We also appreciate the kindness and flexibility of the organizers.

Anka Miklavič Lipušček, CEO, The Planika Dairy

We, at our dairy, evaluate the Nature-Health Fair as a fair in which we simply have to participate. The production program of our dairy is focused on the processing of the highest quality milk products, which we buy exclusively here, in these hills of ours, and in Bohinj. Visitors to the Nature-Health Fair are well aware of the importance of healthy production and processing, so this fair is a great opportunity for a quality presentation.

Dr. Blaž Koritnik, Ph.D, President, The SiNAPSA

The SiNAPSA – the Slovenian Society for Neuroscience, which acts as a society in the public interest in the field of scientific research, systematically educates the public about the functioning of the nervous system in health and disease, promotes interest in researching the nervous system and using knowledge about the nervous system to improve the quality of life of an individual and the society. To achieve these goals, the SiNAPSA conducts popular campaigns to promote and popularize neuroscience. For the third year in a row, at the Nature-Health fair, we will raise awareness among visitors about how they can take care of their own brains. Many visitors to the fair are those who have a vital life in their focus, so we believe our presentations and lectures fall on fertile ground.

Anaya Klinaar, The ANAYA Company

The Nature-Health Fair is the most important fair that ANAYA has been participating in since the beginning of its operations. As predominantly online retailers, we rarely have the chance to meet our customers in person and therefore we never miss this opportunity. Since the Nature-Health Fair brings together the current offer of healthy products on the market, we also use the fair to find new ideas and establish contacts with potential new suppliers. I recommend attending the fair to all those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, as well as to those who want to present their products on the market.

Nastja Kramer, The Malinca Company

The Nature-Health Fair is the most important fair that the Malinca has been participating in since the beginning of its operations. As predominantly online retailers, we rarely have the chance to meet our customers in person and therefore never miss this opportunity. As the Nature-Health Fair brings together the current offer of healthy products on the market, we also use the fair to find new ideas and establish contacts with potential new suppliers. I recommend attending the fair to all those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, as well as to those who want to present their products on the market.

Tomaž Krejačič, Marketing Department Head, The Vzajemna Health Insurance Company

Health is one of the core values that guides the Vzajemna Health Insurance Company in the offering and development of our voluntary health insurance. Our mission is the mutual cooperation for health and maintaining the quality of life. We want to be a reliable interlocutor when it comes to prevention, a long and quality life. That is why the Nature-Health Fair has become our place for a dialogue with people and business partners. Together we have been building a positive story that, for years, has been spreading awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and bringing together current, interesting contents under one roof. A part of this is also the Vzajemna as the largest specialized insurance company for voluntary health insurance in Slovenia.

Marko Geršak, President of the Bodifit Association, CEO of The Victus Company; Fitness Trainer and Promoter of a balanced lifestyle

The Nature-Health Fair is the oldest and, today, the most important event on the topic of health, care for one's body and awareness of nature and ourselves. To our young creative and growing organization, this fair represents an ideal opportunity of the year, as we can appeal to people’s conscience, confront them with themselves and also present their business goals for the current year in terms of business work.

I am glad that the Bodifit can be a part of such an important event in Slovenia.

Sandra Turnšek, CEO, Krepko Dairy, Kele & Kele Company

I believe that as the first and leading dairy for organic milk processing, we simply need to be a part of the Nature-Health Fair. Being a pioneer was not easy and so we became partners with the fair for the similar vision. We share a vision of a healthy lifestyle and a desire for the common good.

When we started producing organic dairy products almost 10 years ago, they were not yet properly positioned in our retail chains. At that time, the Nature-Health Fair played a big role, as we were able to present our products and also largely inform people about the benefits of organic nutrition in general.

The cooperation with the fair seems to me to be the most important due to regular visits of schools and kindergartens t.i. the nutrition managers who take care of children's nutrition. At the fair, they have the opportunity to try all our products and get acquainted with novelties that they can then use in preparing menus.

We continue today with the same guidelines as 20 years ago, when we started dairy business. That is to produce dairy products that you would also like to buy yourself and maintain your health by consuming them every day… We always like to prove this at the Nature-Health Fair. Let's preserve nature, let's enjoy nature, let's stay nature!

Željko Purgar, Coordinator, The Sustainable Mobility Section of the Centre of Energy Efficient Solutions (CER)

We are all responsible for nature and health. In other words, we can only be healthy in a healthy environment, and we preserve nature through a responsible attitude towards the environment. The Sustainable Mobility Section of CER - Centre for Energy Solutions also proved this by appearing at last year's Nature-Health Fair. We enabled visitors to have a direct contact with the latest mobility technologies; with a personal experience behind the wheel of cars that do not burden the environment with emissions and noise. The electric mobility and advanced energy living solutions were presented wholly. We decided to participate since the Nature-Health Fair encourages visitors and the general public to think about what individuals, companies and decision-makers can do to reduce environmental and climate impacts, in our case everyday mobility, while strengthening society's energy independence.

Marjana Peterman, Nutrition Expert, The Slovenian Consumers' Association (ZPS)

The products presented at the Nature-Health Fair, which are certified by accredited institutions or bodies, are value-added products and can be trusted by consumers. This includes organic food that is grown and processed according to the strict legal criteria. Certified products and services that are manufactured according to the criteria for the protection of our environment (EU Eco-label) are also gaining ground.

The ZPS supports the promotion of a growing offer of both certified products and services, as they protect our environment, improve it, and also benefit consumers’ health.

Darja Lovšin, Editor, The Dita Magazine

The epidemic of diabetes as the most widespread chronic non-communicable disease of modern times has already affected 125,000 citizens of Slovenia with a diagnosed disease; and globally there are already 330 million diabetics. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can be effectively prevented, and to this end, the Dita Magazine and the Diabetes Institute have been participating in the Nature-Health Fair for many years. I remember the humble beginnings on a few square meters in 1995, when we first organized blood sugar measurements for visitors, which in a few years grew into large diabetic bazaars with many subcontractors on 250 m2 of exhibition space, and last year we introduced the largest Slovenian campaign to prevent diabetes with its moto Bodi odličnjak!.  

As a long-time exhibitor and partner, we have witnessed good and bad fair times, changing teams and finding alternatives, especially the online competition. We are pleased that the fair has not only survived, but in the last few years, it has shown noticeable signs of revitalization, especially in public relations and orientation to a healthy environment. Consequently, a larger visit is an important reference for us exhibitors when deciding to participate in the fair again.

Last year, at the campaign info point, we performed almost 1,000 free blood sugar measurements and distributed thousands of publications on diabetes to fair visitors. The record numbers speak for themselves. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can be prevented, with the Nature-Health Fair playing an important role as a lively Slovenian meeting point of supply and demand. We humans are social beings, we love to meet and that is why fairs have been, are and will be a place of interesting, pleasant and useful meetings.

Ian Jan, CEO, The Bija Company

The Nature-Health Fair is an event that, due to good attendance, we use to present products from the sales program of the Bija Company potential end customers and to establish new partnerships at B2B level. Due to the wide range of exhibitors, the fair is also a great opportunity to review the current offer on the market and to find new suppliers of our online trading system the Bio Farmer.

Neva Jejčič, Exhibition-Consulting Head, The Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK

The Nature-Health Fair promotes, informs and raises awareness about a healthy lifestyle, attitude towards nature and also towards the built environment, which has a significant impact on our well-being and health.

The common thread of our operation for more than 20 years has also been the sustainable development and the sustainable construction, which means not only technical and technological development and the introduction of the latest professional findings, but also environmental protection and care for health and quality living. We were among the first in Slovenia to start dealing with the efficient use of energy in buildings and households and with the promotion of the renewable energy sources use. We support the use of modern green technologies and materials, with the environmental, and more recently with the comprehensive sustainable evaluation of buildings, we want to introduce transparency in the planning of environmentally friendly buildings and provide a basis for upgrading the criteria of green public procurement.

Since the Nature-Health Fair is intended for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and coexistence with nature, it makes sense to present the principles of sustainable development and sustainable construction, as well as the latest findings of the profession.

Aleša Mižigoj, CEO, The Medex Company

At the Medex Company, we preserve the folk tradition and tradition of beekeeping, which Slovenians can be extremely proud of. In our work, we cooperate with over 2,000 Slovenian beekeepers and make sure that their products come to your home completely authentic, healthy and safe.

The Medex is a Slovenian company with a tradition. It is a world of golden yellow, where the values are nature, health, tradition, the passing on knowledge from generation to generation, caring for family, friendship, mutual trust and cooperation.

We have gained the valuable trust of our partners and end users by persistently following the "Healthy with Nature" guideline, which is identified with the offer, purpose and implementation of the Nature-Health Fair. Therefore, we traditionally participate in the fair as exhibitors, where we present our wide range of natural products to many visitors. "

Vesna Kerstin Petrič, Head of the Sector for Health Promotion and Management of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and Conditions, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia

The Nature-Health Fair enables the presentation of programs and projects for health promotion and prevention of chronic diseases provided by the Ministry of Health, the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia, regional health care institutes and non-governmental organizations. In this way, we achieve better informing of the general public and thus also access to such projects and programs.

Nataša Mlakar, Deputy Director of the Company and Procurator, The Mercator IP Company

Our line of natural cosmetic products under the name "Dvorec Trebnik" carries a rich tradition of knowledge and experience in the field of herbalism and cosmetics. It dates back to the 16th century, when the inhabitants of the Trebnik Manor in Slovenske Konjice made various body care products from herbs from the home garden. Cosmetics consist of four typical lines of Slovenian herbs: chamomile, calendula, lavender and rosemary.

At the end of last year, we certified the line with the first Slovenian certificate for natural cosmetics, issued by the IKC of the University of Maribor. The certified line was presented to the Slovenian public for the first time at the Nature-Health Fair last year.

This year we are developing new products with characteristic scents of Slovenian herbs.

Alenka Mokrovič Pogačar, Assistant General Manager, The Terme Čatež Company (TC)

Due to its quality, the fair remains one of those rare opportunities where we still personally present the TC offer guests. The diversity of the offer, healing effects of Čatež thermal water, an oasis in the middle of green nature, wellness centres and new health awareness programs - all these are advantages that convince guests that Terme Čatež is the right choice!

Alen Kobilica, Founder and Ambassador of the Blind Athletes Centre Vidim CIlj and co-founder of the Proorganika Company

Since for ever, my body and my mind have been the most important tools for me to achieve personal and business success. I could always count on them in front of the cameras. Now I count on both of them as an athlete as well. I am training and chase the norm to qualify for the Paralympic Games and I spend fulfilling workouts and moments with members of our Centre for Blind Athletes Vidim Cilj. That is why it has always been important to me what and what quality products I take into my body. For this reason, I also co-founded the Proorganika Company as one of the few Slovenian companies that has the Organic Certificate for the production of its own products as well as for the distribution of all organically produced products. These work regeneratively and are carriers of vital energy, and above all they supply the body with substances that ensure my lifestyle and quality; and above all allow me to see my goal even more clearly.

Petra Matos, President, The Ecologists Without Borders Association

Why live in an environmentally friendly way at all? Not only out of compassion for other beings with whom we share our planet, but also for the good of ourselves and our children. All too often we forget that the Earth is our home and needs to be taken care of. It supplies us with food, water and other natural resources. One way to take care of it is to rethink over and over again whether we really need to buy a certain thing or not. Clothes are one of those things we often buy headlong.

You certainly have clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time. Don’t throw them away. Bring them to the clothing exchange that takes place during the fair to freshen up your wardrobe. Do something good for others, for your wallet and for the environment.



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The Nature-Health fair, is the biggest Slovenian fair for healthy living and without a doubt one of the most popular Slovenian fairs. Last year fair announced a record number of 25,000 visitors and this year the organizers expect no less, with the 284 exhibitors from 16 countries presenting their offer to all in search for a healthier living.
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