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Exhibitors about the fair

Dr. Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Environment 

»Our future depends on our ability to use sources and energy. Effective use of sources means that the sources are used in a sustainable way – we can do more with smaller financial means, and at the same time the influence on the environment is lowered.  And because everything in life is the result of our decisions, decisions which take into account the environment have to be made on a daily basis. In this way the life of each individual and the society as a whole can be fundamentally changed. It does not mean just financial savings and the improvement of a personal lifestyle, but it also contributes to the development of economy. In addition to this, more deliberate consumers' decisions contribute to a healthy life in harmony with nature, on this planet, which is the only one.«
Anka Miklavič Lipušček, director, Mlekarna Planika d.o.o.

»Nature-Health Fair has been estimated by our dairy as a fair where we simply have to cooperate. The production programme of our diary is focused on processing high quality dairy products, and the milk is bought exclusively here, in our hills and in Bohinj. Visitors of the Nature-Health Fair are well aware of the importance of a healthy production and processing, and therefore this fair is an excellent opportunity for a qualitative presentation.«
Alen Kobilica, a founder and an ambassador of the centre for blind sportsmen Vidim cilj (I see the goal) and a co-founder of the company Proorganika d.o.o.

»My body and my mind have always been my most important tools for achieving personal and business success. I could always rely on them in front of film cameras and cameras. And now I count on them both as a sportsman. I train and I am trying to achieve a norm for the classification on the paralympic games 2012 in London, and when I train and spend time with the members of our centre for blind sportsmen, I see the goal. The quality of products that I consume has always been important to me, therefore I have decided to co-found Proorganica company, which is one of the few rare companies with an ecological certificate for the production of its own products and the distribution of all ecologically produced products. They have a regenerative effect and they are the pillars of a vital energy, and, most importantly, they supply body with substances which guarantee health and quality for my lifestyle and above all they enable me to see my goal more clearly.«
Aleša Kandus Benčina, director, Medex d.o.o.

»In Medex company we keep folk heritage and tradition of beekeeping, and the Slovenians can be extremely proud of it. We cooperate with more than 2000 Slovenian beekeepers, and we provide that their products which come to your home are completely authentic, healthy and safe. 
Medex is a Slovenian company with tradition. It is the world of golden yellow colour with values such as nature, health, tradition, transmission of knowledge from generation to generation, care for family, friendship, mutual trust and cooperation. 
Valuable trust of our partners and end users has been gained by persistently following the motto »Healthy with nature«, which is identified with the offer, purpose and accomplishment of the Nature-Health Fair. We traditionally participate at the fair as exhibitors and we present our wide palette of natural products to numerous visitors.«
Petra Matos, president of the society Ekologi brez meja (Ecologists without borders)

»Why live environmentally friendly? Not only because of the sympathy for other living beings with whom we share our planet, but also for our own good and for the benefit of our children. We often forget that the Earth is our home and we need to take care of it. Namely, it supplies us with food, water and other natural sources. One of the ways to take care of it is to reconsider whether we really have to buy a certain thing or not. One of the things we often buy impulsively are clothes.
You surely have in your wardrobe clothes which you have not been wearing for a long time. Don't throw them away. Bring them to the clothes exchange which takes place during the fair and thus refresh your outfit. Do something good for the others, for your wallet and for the environment.«
Marjana Peterman, nutrition expert, Slovenian Consumers' Association 

Products presented at the Nature-Health Fair which are certified by accredited institutions are products with the added value and consumers can trust them. Ecological foodstuff which has been produced and processed according to the strict legislative measurements belongs here. Certified products and services which have been made according to the measurements for protecting our environment (EU sign for environment) are becoming more and more important.
Slovenian Consumers' Association supports the promotion of the increasing offer of certified products and services, because they protect and improve our environment, and they also have an impact on consumers' health.
Zdravko Počivalšekdirector of Spa Olimia d.d. 

»In Olimia spa we are trying to ensure well-being, relaxation, time-off, health and beauty. Nature-Health Fair provides with its contents and expertise a suitable business environment and target audience, so we will present ourselves at the fair this year too. «



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The Nature-Health fair, is the biggest Slovenian fair for healthy living and without a doubt one of the most popular Slovenian fairs. Last year fair announced a record number of 25,000 visitors and this year the organizers expect no less, with the 284 exhibitors from 16 countries presenting their offer to all in search for a healthier living.
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