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World renowned exhibition Body Worlds Vital coming to Slovenia

23. 5. 2018
The Slovenian capital Ljubljana and GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will join over 115 cities world-wide, including Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City with over 44 million which have experienced Body Worlds Vital. GR – the leading Slovenian convention centre will be hosting one of the world’s most famous exhibition, the Body Worlds Vital exhibition, from 20thOctober 2018 until 20th January 2019. Body Worlds Vital exhibition celebrates the potential of the human body and the body in motion through aesthetic presentations of its flawless form and complex functions. The primary goal of BODY WORLDS is health education. Bringing together a collection of real human bodies, specimens, organs and body slices which have been donated and preserved through plastination, a ground-breaking method for specimen preservation invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. A truly unique exhibition that helps us to understand the wonder, sophistication and fragility of our own bodies. This kind of “travelling” exhibitions have been experiencing some sort of a boom and great audience acknowledge. And for good reason - the exhibitions are targeted mainly to open up the opportunity to better understand the human body and its functions and to help the visitors to once again become aware of the naturalness of bodies and to recognize the individuality and anatomical beauty inside of them. And we should all know our bodies well …