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News - 2011

8. 8. 2011

Old mobile phone, an alternative ticket to the fair

In cooperation with the company Si.mobil and its fund Re.misli, which unites the following environmental commitments: recycle, re-use, reduce and, above all, reconsider what and where you use, we again offer visitors an alternative to the entry ticket to the fair. Anyone who has an old mobile phone at home can bring it to the entry point of the fair and will then be able to enter and enjoy the fair. With the help of Si.mobil all collected mobile phones will be appropriately disassembled according to the components (housing, battery, chargers) and handed over for recycling.
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3. 8. 2011

Presentation of the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

For the first time this year, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia will participate in the Nature-Health Fair, theme framework Food. At the joint showroom the Chamber will introduce visitors the traceability, control and safety systems for Slovenian meat products, different qualities of milk with regard to technology, the traceability, control and safety systems for eggs, varieties of cereal crop production and a rich offer of Slovenian bakeries, as well as the importance of fruit, vegetables and other types of foods in the daily diet. The basic presentation will be followed by the offers of individual members.
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1. 8. 2011

Verification of food products through certificates

This year’s Nature-Health Fair introduces a new approach to raising awareness of the visitors and to increasing the visibility of exhibitors and the products presented at the fair. In cooperation with the Slovenian Consumers’ Association we will gather all certificates the exhibitors will entrust to us for their verification. On the basis of these certificates we will prepare a guide through the fair, which will facilitate the visitor’s decision regarding the purchase or merely serve as useful information about which certificates actually stand for quality and suitability.
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