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Why exhibit?

Why participate in the fair?

A 4-day opportunity for ...

  • The participation in one of the largest events in the region on the topic of healthy living
  • Promoting and selling your products and services
  • An effective introduction of novelties (products, methods)
  • A face-to-face interaction, which, despite the age of "digital everything", is still one of the most efficient ways of doing business
  • Following market trends, promoting your business and its development
  • Meeting and acquiring new customers who have the purchasing power
  • Seeing the response of customers to your offer
  • Consolidating its market presence and assessing your competitiveness
  • Meeting competent persons
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Upgrading and additional exposure of your offer with a lecture, event, workshop
  • Meetings or gatherings to which you invite your clients
  • The interactive presence on websites, on our social networks, in lifestyle magazines, daily press, in social media, etc.
  • A presentation of your products and services in the capital of Slovenia at the location of the venue, which provides easy and quick access to the city centre and an excellent connection to all major cities and capitals

For visitors, the fair is an experience where

  • They seek inspiration for a healthier lifestyle
  • They shop, experience and acquire new knowledge
  • They want to find out what is new, try the latest trends and get expert advice
  • They want to try, feel, taste and talk to you about your products
  • They can exchange experiences, opinions and connect in the community

In order to further increase the attraction of the fair and include a wider circle of visitors in its activities, we placed great emphasis on acquiring new target groups - young families and all those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Thus, we offer a wide range of activities for children, conversations with professionals and opportunities to meet organizations and initiatives that strive to make children and young people more active.

All participants of the Ljubljana Marathon will also be able to see your offer, as they will be handed the start numbers during the days of the fair at GR.

From this year's content


  • What and why for the winter food supply
  • Organic and locally grown foods
  • Modern trends in nutrition: the latest foods on the market, what is »superfood",
  • Veganism with Mateja Ulaga
  • Experience sourdough bakery with PolaBekeraj
  • Production and use of organic herbs, tea blends and sprouts
  • Promotion of professions in agriculture

  • A problematic use of devices with screens and possible addictions
  • A marathon of positive psychology at the fair
  • The role of the orthopaedist and physiotherapist in relieving and eliminating low back pain
  • Why vaccination, even for Covid-19 virus, is so important
  • Viruses and medicinal plants
  • Awareness of the importance and prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • How to resuscitate and provide first aid
  • Become a blood donor and donate a pulse
  • What is fibromyalgia
  • How we can help the Heroes of the 3rd floor
  • "Brainstorming" - workshops to strengthen mental abilities
  • The first signs of dementia, communication and maintaining the independence of people with dementia
  • Equilibrium measurements, kinesiotherapy

Wellness and natural cosmetics
  • The International Exhibition of Natural Perfumes "Scented Signatures"
  • Presentations and workshops on the preparation of natural cosmetics
  • Cultivation and use of medicinal plants
  • Presentation of the gene bank of medicinal plants
  • Offer of seedlings of organic medicinal and aromatic plants

  • Exercises in trend and preparations for the Ljubljana Marathon with Nataša Gorenc
  • Demonstration of exercises for people with different conditions, diseases and limitations (problems with the spine and knees, a stroke, a heart attack, the multiple sclerosis, the cerebral palsy, a cancer, the elderly) with Primož Kirn, MSc
  • Equilibrium measurements, kinesiotherapy
  • Dancing relaxes
  • Fingerball - a board game and much more
  • Mini Olympics for the youngest
  • Experience being a Paralympic athlete
  • The School of Health
  • The Jogging Fair - a simultaneous event at the GR

Green coexistence
  • Nature-friendly, electric mobility
  • A human-animal contact: the exhibition of exotic animals, the animal-assisted therapy
  • The Tačka (Paw) Project donates, the register of blood donors
  • Urban horticulture and beekeeping
  • Carefully and cautiously in the forest - forest etiquette and forest pedagogy and professions in forestry
  • A mushroom exhibition
  • The landscaping and environmental protection (garden equipment, recycling of waste and raw materials, reuse)
  • Ecological packaging
  • A local community and environment
  • The impact of climate change
  • The On the Hot Side of the Alps Exhibition
  • Building and dwelling biology



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The Nature-Health fair, is the biggest Slovenian fair for healthy living and without a doubt one of the most popular Slovenian fairs. Last year fair announced a record number of 25,000 visitors and this year the organizers expect no less, with the 284 exhibitors from 16 countries presenting their offer to all in search for a healthier living.
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