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A Fair for a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you like to live a balanced, healthy, and environmentally friendly life?

The Nature-Health Fair is based on the long-term trends of the increasing ecological awareness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The whole project, which includes the exhibition and the professional part, wants to show the diversity and the integrity of nature, that affects the everyday life of our entire society.

The event consists of the thematically rounded sections, which deal with several ways of healthy living and coexistence with nature for the visitor and allow exhibitors to present themselves to visitors in a targeted manner.

The event consists of the exhibition and the rich accompanying program that  we prepare together with the partners of the event.

We prepare the exhibition in sets: nutrition, health and well-being and the environment – the contact with nature.

From the content of this year's fair:


• Organically and nature-friendly foods
• Local food production
• Winter storage
• Production and use of herbs
• Foods with the selected quality label
• Modern dietary trends: the latest foods on the market
• Let’s cook for healthy enjoyment
• Dietary products
• Diet tailored to special needs
• The certification and inspection institutions
• Natural nutritional supplements
• Your own garden - a source of health and well-being
• Nutrition innovation projects
• Cooking skills
• Tastings, events, and exhibitions
• A promotion of agricultural professions
• Business events - local supply chains

Health and well-being

A preventive activity, programs, measurements, counselling

• Natural and other medicines
• Orthopaedic products and accessories
• Health insurance
• Official medical services
• Medical services of recognized alternative forms of medicine
• Preventive and rehabilitation programs
• A marathon of positive psychology
• Fighting dementia and strengthening thinking skills
• Programs of societies whose goal is health and well-being
• Medicinal and aromatic plants and their effects
• A presentation and offer of therapies
• A promotion of blood donation and promotion of first aid
• The wellness activity and equipment
• The spa activity
• Natural cosmetics
• Cosmetic services and consulting
• Recreational exercising and other forms of relaxation
• Spiritual exercising (yoga, meditation, etc.)
• Artistic exercising (dance)
• The offer of equipment and services for recreation
• A presentation of sports organizations (para-olympians, sports clubs)
• Fitness
• Trendy workouts

Environment and contact with nature

• Nature-friendly, electric mobility
• Building and living biology
• The importance of the forest and the preservation of forests (forest etiquette, forest learning paths)
• Conservation of nature, biodiversity
• Natural parks are presented
• Urban horticulture and beekeeping
• Solutions for nature conservation and its biodiversity, climate change
• Local community and environment
• Presentation of nature parks and other organizations that take care of nature protection
• Landscaping and environmental protection (garden equipment, recycling of waste and raw materials, reuse)
• Human-animal contact (food, equipment, and services for small animals), animal therapy
• Exchange of plants
• Exhibition of wild fungi



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This week the fair for a healthy lifestyle

The Nature-Health fair, is the biggest Slovenian fair for healthy living and without a doubt one of the most popular Slovenian fairs. Last year fair announced a record number of 25,000 visitors and this year the organizers expect no less, with the 284 exhibitors from 16 countries presenting their offer to all in search for a healthier living.
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