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Exhibitions conditions

1. General provisions

a) Completion of the Application Form also serves as acceptance of the offer. The Application Form is to be completed by the Exhibitor and submitted to the address of the Organiser by the due date to the following address: Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. Dunajska cesta 18, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
b) Application Forms that do not bear the signature of the authorised person of the company shall be deemed invalid.
c) The Application Form is legally binding and irrevocable for the Exhibitors.
d) The Organiser will not consider or accept Application Forms which contain reservations or proposals for amendments to the conditions contained therein.
e) The Exhibition conditions specified in the Application Form, Order Form and Annex to the Application Form are applicable to all events (fairs, exhibitions, and other events).
f) The prices which are valid for the event are stated on the front page of the Application Form. The exhibition programme data specifications are the conditions that need to be met for the Exhibitor to participate in the event. The Exhibitor may exhibit only the exhibition programme for which the application is submitted.
g) The Organiser reserves the exclusive right to decide upon accepting any offers submitted (Application Forms). The Organiser is also not obliged to consider Application Forms received after the due date.
h) The smallest Exhibition space which an Exhibitor may request is 6 m2.
i) We hereby give our consent to Gospodarsko razstavišče d.o.o. to process our above data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act for use in its own files for the following purposes: statistical processing, participant segmentation, fulfilment of contractual and legal obligations, sending offers, advertising material, publications and invitations to events, and the carrying out of consumer surveys by telephone, post or email. The data may be processed by Gospodarsko razstavišče d. o. o. for up to 10 years following our most recent participation at the Fair or other Event, or until termination of written authorisation on the condition that the legislation in place does not impose any other time limitations.

2. Allocation of exhibition space

Domestic and foreign exhibitors may exhibit at the Event on the condition that the products and services exhibited are in accordance with the Event programme. Commercial agents and importers may exhibit products on behalf of the companies they represent. The Organiser is responsible for granting the Exhibitors access to the Event, allocating Exhibition space, and managing the Exhibition space for the benefit of the Event. The Organiser may, in order to optimise exhibition surfaces, assign an Exhibitor a space with less open sides than requested. The Organiser reserves the right to allocate up to approximately 30% less or 10% more Exhibition space than requested by an Exhibitor. Any change to the Exhibition space assigned must be authorised by the Organiser. The Organiser may reallocate or close hall entrances and exits and, if so required, make other changes to the Exhibition space. If, for any reason, the Event Organiser is unable to allocate an Exhibition space to an Exhibitor upon receipt of his application, the Exhibitor is entitled to a full refund of the sum paid.

3. Cancellation of the Application

An Exhibitor may cancel a submitted application only by way of a written statement. In the event of such, the Exhibitor is obliged to pay:
• 40% of the Exhibition space price if the application is cancelled more than 15 days prior to the beginning of the Event,
• 100% of the Exhibition space price if the application is cancelled less than 15 days prior to the beginning of the Event.

4. Registration and ecological compensation

Each Exhibitor is obliged to pay the ecological compensation and registration. Registration covers the mandatory entry into the catalogue and into the list of exhibitors on the fair’s website. The data in the catalogue is published in Slovenian and English language.
The Exhibitor is obliged to submit the data for the catalogue entry at the same time as completing the application, or at least 30 days prior to the Event. If the Exhibitor fails to submit its data within 36 days of the start of the event, or the Exhibitor fails to submit any data whatsoever, only basic information about the Exhibitor will be published in the Catalogue. In the event that the Organiser confirms the Exhibitor’s application within the 30 day deadline, the Organiser reserves the right to publish the Exhibitor’s details only on the official webpage of Fair. The Organiser reserves the right to summarize or adjust the content of Fair Catalogue entry; however, the Event Organiser shall not be held responsible for any errors.

5. Payment

The Exhibitor undertakes to pay for its Exhibition space, the registration and ecological compensation for the Event, according to the prices determined and listed in this application.
The prices do not include VAT, which shall be paid by the Exhibitor.
Following submission of the signed application form to the Organiser, the Exhibitor shall receive a Pro Forma Invoice, which must be paid (in its entirety) by the deadline stated on the Invoice. Full payment of the Pro Forma Invoice is a prerequisite for the Exhibitor’s participation at the Event.
The Organiser undertakes to issue invoices in accordance with the legislation in place. In the event of late payment, the Organiser may charge legal interest on arrears to the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor may appeal the service provided in writing no later than 8 days following the issue date of the invoice.
If the Exhibitor appeals only part of the Invoice, he is obliged to pay the undisputed part by the deadline and in the manner defined by this application.

6. Confirmation of the allocation of the exhibition space

On the basis of the settled pro forma invoice, the Organiser shall issue an invoice for the prepayment to the Exhibitor, thereby confirming the allocation of the exhibition space.

7. Cancellation of the allocation of the exhibition space

The Organiser reserves the right to refuse the Application Form or annul the confirmation issued as per clause 6 of the Application Form in the following cases:
1. if at the time of application the Exhibitor is in settlement, bankruptcy, or winding-up proceedings;
2. if the Exhibitor has outstanding past debts owed to the Organiser;
3. if the objects to be exhibited in the event do not suit the theme of the event;
4. if the Exhibitor fails to supply the documents required by the Organiser (as stated in clause 14);
5. if the Application Form is received after the due date;
6. if the Exhibitor does not pay the pro forma invoice within the deadline stated.

8. Duration and location of exhibition

If the exhibition has to be postponed or started at an earlier date than scheduled, its duration has to be shortened or extended, or the exhibition has to be re-located, the Exhibitors do not have the right to cancel their participation in the exhibition or to claim damages.

9. Technical conditions

The exhibitors shall submit to the Organiser an outline (scheme) of the set-up and equipment in place for their own exhibition spaces. The schemes are to be confirmed by the Organiser prior to assembly. The height of the exhibition stand may not exceed 250 cm.
If a higher exhibition stand is required, the Organiser’s written permission must be obtained. When assembling the exhibition stand, the Exhibitor may not operate beyond the exhibition area it has been allocated.

10. Permanent tickets for Exhibitors

Following confirmation of the allocated Exhibition space, the Exhibitor shall receive permanent entry passes for its staff. The Organiser shall define the number of passes to be allocated in the “Instructions for Exhibitors”. The Organiser reserves the right to withdraw permanent tickets in the event of misuse.

11. Assembly, disassembly

Assembly and disassembly shall be registered prior to their commencement. The assembly and disassembly deadlines stated in the “Instructions for Exhibitors” are to be strictly observed. If the disassembly term is exceeded, the Organiser reserves the right to disassemble the exhibition stand at the Exhibitor’s own risk and expense. When disassembly is completed, the Exhibitor shall restore the stand to its original state; failing this, the Exhibitor is obliged to compensate the Organiser for any damage sustained. When setting and furnishing the exhibition stand during assembly, while the event is in progress, and during disassembly, the Exhibitor or its Contractor shall consider and comply with the following:

• health and safety at work regulations;
• fire safety regulations;
• general conditions of work on the exhibition grounds (stated on the Organiser’s web page);
• “Instructions for Exhibitors” which are received by Exhibitors when allocated exhibition space.

The Exhibitor may not remove exhibits from the exhibition stand until the event has concluded. The Exhibitor may only leave the exhibition stand before the event has concluded upon the written approval of the Organiser.

12. Guarantee and insurance

a) The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, destruction, or property theft (to exhibits, equipment, and the like) sustained by the Exhibitor or its Contractor, their staff and third parties, or damage caused by fire, storm, hail, lightning, breakages, water leakage, theft or any other reason. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, destruction, or theft sustained by third parties, nor for any injuries to third parties caused by the Exhibitor or its Contractor at the Fair or on the exhibition grounds.
The Exhibitors and their Contractors shall obtain insurance at their own expense.
b) The Exhibitor, its Contractor or any of their staff will be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by them to the Organiser and/or third parties at the exhibition space or on the exhibition grounds.
c) The Organiser does not assume responsibility for vehicles left on the exhibition grounds and parking spaces by Exhibitors, their staff or authorised persons and their Contractors.
d) The Exhibitor may not lease the allocated exhibition space, advertising space or any of their parts to any third party. In the event that this condition is breached the Organiser reserves the right to charge the Exhibitor a further 100% of the price of the exhibition and advertising space allocated.
e) Prior to the opening of an event, the exhibitor is obliged to check his exhibiting space for unknown objects. If such an object is found, the exhibitor is obliged to immediately inform, by telephone or in person, the reception of the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

13. Presentations

No later than 8 days before the commencement of the exhibition, the Exhibitor shall submit written notification to the Organiser of any events to be held on the allocated exhibition space (e.g. a music performance).
The Organiser reserves the right to restrict or prohibit presentations that may cause noise, dirt, dust, gas leaks or otherwise hinder the smooth running of the event, irrespective of whether the Organiser has already issued a written consent for these presentations. Presentations shall be performed exclusively on the exhibition space allocated.

14. Activity of the Exhibitor – documents

Before the allocation of the exhibition space has been confirmed, the Organiser reserves the right to require the following documents from the Exhibitor:

• A business permit or business registration certificate issued by a relevant authorised office which proves that the Exhibitor fulfils the conditions for carrying out business, as provided by law.
• Appropriate consent from the relevant sanitary and veterinary inspectorate if the Exhibitor plans to trade in foodstuffs and general consumer goods, organise food tasting, present general consumer goods or perform catering services;
• Proof of insurance of persons and effects.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the participation of the Exhibitor if the Exhibitor fails to supply the documents required.

By signing this application form, the Exhibitor confirms that among his registered business activities he has a business activity that complies with his presentation at the fair. In case of violation, the Exhibitor is fully responsible for his actions.

15. Photography and drawing

The Organiser reserves the right to take photographs of the exhibition spaces and exhibits, as well as draw them, or film them, and the material obtained may be used by the Organiser for personal or general use. The Organiser renounces all contestations arising from copyright. With the exception of the Exhibitor’s own space, the photographing, drawing or filming of exhibition spaces is prohibited without the authorisation of the Organiser.

16. Cleaning the exhibition stand

The Organiser provides for the cleaning of the exhibition grounds and hall corridors. Each Exhibitor is responsible for cleaning its own exhibition space; however, the Exhibitor may request that the Organiser assumes cleaning duties at the expense of the Exhibitor.

17. Jurisdiction

The Organiser and the Exhibitor agree that any disputes will be resolved amicably. In cases where the contracting parties cannot reach an agreement, they agree to confer jurisdiction to the competent court in Ljubljana.



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