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At the 43rd Nature-Health Fair, 286 companies from 16 countries presented products, activities and environmental awareness ideas for healthy life and sustainable development, arranged according to main topics: Food, Health, Wellness and exercise, and Eco home and environment. The fair took place four days, from 11 to 14 October 2012, and attracted 22,000 visitors, 10% more than last year. At the 43rd fair, in collaboration with the Consumers’ Association of Slovenia, we especially exposed the certificates on products, trying to make public aware of their significance.18 products with certificates were exposed. 

Slogan ‘Give away an apple’ successfully connected informative, awareness-raising and  humanitarian character of the fair, and with the rich accompanying programme it offered a whole array of ideas, tips and initiatives how to improve lifestyle. It is not only important what we eat but also how we reside, take care of our overall fitness and care for environment - how we use resources and energy. 

Special feature of the 43rd fair was mass collection of waste paper, organized by the Ecologists without Borders, and collection of household waste and clothes, organized by the Snaga company.