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Oddih - Fair magazine

ODDIH which means rest or break in Slovenian, is a special magazine supplement with the newspaper Dnevnik, offering readers content broadly covering healthy lifestyles, relaxation and leisure, tourist and accommodation facilities in Slovenia and abroad, food and all the other pleasant things in life.

The ODDIH supplements that come out in January and October also coincide with fairs. The first accompanies the Tourism and Leisure fair, and the second the Nature and Health fair, both at the Commercial Fairgrounds in Ljubljana. Since both supplements feature a catalogue of exhibitors, and all fair visitors will receive a copy when they buy admission tickets, the print runs for these are expanded by an extra 11,000 copies. 

Advertising in the ODDIH supplements is the ideal choice for anyone offering services and products in the fields mentioned above (tourism and wellness services, cosmetics, sports and recreation, eco-products, food and catering, leisure activities, sports equipment and healthy lifestyle in the wider sense), since an advertisement in these supplements offers highly effective  communication with existing and potential buyers, and will reach a major portion of your target audience.
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